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Career Planning

These services include individual & group information sessions:

  • Examine your strengths, skills and attributes

  • Explore career/work options matching your lifestyle goals with your abilities and experience

  • Develop a step-by-step plan to reach your career/job goal in line with your aspirations

Smiling Teacher

Job Search & Employer Resources


  • Access the hidden job market through our contacts, local job board, and a thorough list of internet search sites

  • Learn to recognize and develop network connections and put them to use for your career development

Resume Writing

  • Construct your resume with our help or have us put together a winning profile of your abilities, skills, and prior experience

  • Choose a resume style.  We offer both Chronological and Skills Based resumes that highlight your qualifications        

  • Identify your paid and non-paid employment, volunteer experience and other activities             

Interview Skills

  • Find out what employers are looking for when they interview

  • How to prepare and practice for an interview

  • The importance of first impressions

  • Different types of interview questions and how to answer them

  • Following up after the interview

St. Laurent,  Arborg & Gimli

Employment Assistance Services

St. Laurent call for Appointment

Arborg every other Thursday of each month

Gimli opposite of Arborg week on Thursday of each month

Please call and make an appointment. 


You can contact us directly by phone, fax, or email at the following:

Phone: Toll Free 1-888-777-1059 or (204) 768-3797

Cell: (204) 302-0936

Fax: (204) 768-9082


We are available Monday-Friday from

9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. for inquiries/requests.

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Funding provided by:

The Government of Canada

The Manitoba Government

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