Important Events!

School Procedures

April 2022



Fieldstone Adult Learning Centre (ALC) and Adult Literacy Program (ALP)



ALP: Classes are in person on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Mask use is optional. 


ALC: Learners are welcome to attend class for support from their teacher.  Mask use is optional.

Terri, Andrew, and Fran will be available to support learning by phone, email and text as well. 

Please contact the centre at 204 768 3797 to contact your instructor. 


Terri Otto
Student Services Administrator / Teacher / Director | Fieldstone Ventures | Lakeshore School Division


Fieldstone Ventures Employment Services


We are open to the public. If you need assistance with a resume/cover letter, please call the office prior to coming in at (204) 768-3797. 


All Itinerant services/Community Visits will be coming soon.   


Julie Bergner, Manager

Fieldstone School Calendar

2020 – 2021 Important Dates Calendar


September   8                                    First Day of classes


October       12                                   Thanksgiving (No Classes)

                    22-23                             ASEC (No classes)


November    11                                  Remembrance Day (No Classes)

                     16                                 Admin Day (No Classes)

                     20                                 Progress Reports


December    18                                  Last Day of Classes

                     21-31                             Winter Break (No Classes)


January         1-3                                Winter Break (No Classes)

                      4                                   Classes resume


February       15                                  Louis Riel Day (No Classes)


March            12                                  Admin Day (No Classes)

                      19                                  Progress reports

                      29-31                             Spring Break (No Classes)


April               1-2                                 Spring Break (No Classes)

                       5                                   Classes Resume

                       23                                 ASEC-no classes (TBD)


May                21                        Admin Day-no classes (Planning Day)

                       24                                 Victoria Day (No Classes)



June               18                                 Last day of classes for Grads

                       25                                Last day of classes for non-grads

                       23                          Celebration of Learning - Grad 2021’

                       30                                 Progress Reports