Mature Student High School Diploma


Graduation Requirements

 8 High School Credits including:

  • Grade 12 Math

  • Grade 12 English              

  • Two additional Grade 12 Courses

  • Four Courses from Grades 9-12

        (May use courses already achieved in High School)


Admission Cost $25.00/course

Classes are Monday to Friday:

9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

  • Modular format with learners directing the pace.  Qualified instructors are available to help when questions arise.  This allows for continuous intake from September to April. 

  • We also offer RPl – Recognition of Prior Learning.

                 Course Options Available

Grade 10                              • ELA

  • Essential Math

    Applied Math         

  • Applying ICT A& B 


Grade 11

Data Collection & Analysis

• Desktop Publishing

• Relational Database

• Print Communications

• Accounting Principles

• Physical Ed/Health Ed​​


  Essential & Applied Math


Grade 12                       

ELA Transactional  or Comprehensive        

• ELA Technical & Writing     

• Essential Math & Applied Math  

• Accounting Systems

• Automated Office

• Physical Ed/Health Ed

• Career Development/Life Work

  Credit for Employment

• Psychology

• Family Studies



Feb 8th to 12th, 2021

We look forward to seeing and hearing from 

our learners. 

So, contact us and win some prizes!!

1)  Email, text, phone or visit your instructor and 

    contact this weeks gets you a ticket for draw

    for a $50.00 gas card. 

2)  Come to the Centre!  Register for a new course, 

     see your instructor for help, attend a literacy 

     class, or talk to Amanda about your goals and 

     you will receive a free gift!

3)  For our current learners, handing in any 

    assignments gets you a ticket for a draw for a

    $25.00 food card.

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